RealBrokers - Investment & Real Estate 

Within the framework of purchase, sale, rent processes and in general property development or reconstruction, our premises, adapted to nowadays demands, offer the following services aiming at your full servicing:

  • Feasibilities Studies - Cash flows
    Feasibility Studies are special studies used mainly at professional properties purchase and sale, which enable us defining the performance of a possible investment and opportunity cost. These methods help us in order to define the real property value based at performances. Our office’s advices regarding tax issues are adequate in order to achieve a successful purchase or sale, depending on the economical and family status and the target for which we make any actions (purchase-sale).
  • Estimated property value
    Our office assumes the direct estimate of your property. Contact us and our associates will contact you to conduct an inspection of the property.
  • Legal Support
    Our Legal Department, specializing in real estate transactions, if you wish, will ensure the legality of the transaction for the purchase or sale. It will inform you and will undertake the collection of the necessary supporting documents and any action required to complete the process of buying and selling, as well as to obtain a loan.
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  • Technical Support
    1. Technical inspection during purchase
    2. Study
    3. Construction
    4. Restoration
    5. Maintenance
    6. Issuance of energy certificates
  • After Sales Services
    1. Guarding
    2. Moving
    3. Various actions